Festival, on the occasion of “Bee Day” on May 22, will sweeten the Saturday of Sofia in the South Park

Immerse yourself in the world of bees on May 22, with the help of “Real Honey” and the “Save the Bees Foundation”. The all-day event will be held in South Park, Sofia, starting at 10:00 am. Get ready for sweet surprises and fun, for people from all ages.
On May 20, we celebrate our most important pollinators – the honey bees, which provide an invaluable service to our planet and are one of the most important segments of our food chain. 30% of everything we put on our table is due directly to the efforts of the bees. For the fourth year in a row, the World Bee Day and its pursuit of sustainable agriculture will be celebrated with a thematic bee event.

Main activities:
– Bazaar honey
The market will consist of 6 stands offering Bulgarian bee products directly from the producer. Visitors will be offered a wide variety of products, such as Bulgarian honey, bee pollen, wooden spoons for honey and other products related to the world of bees.

– Open live conversations on various topics, including but not limited to:
Significance and place of bees in the environment, life and behavior of bees, elements of the beehive and benefits of bee products.

All invited beekeepers are part of the “Aspen Hive” program of True Honey, or will be checked by them for the quality of their products. They are prepared and experienced for the entertainment of families and groups of people, as they regularly welcome guests during the active beekeeping season.

– The Lost Bee “game for the little ones”
The folklore group “Taratantsi” has developed a children’s game in which children aged between 7 and 10 recreate a pre-set scenario that tells the story of a lost bee. The game is followed by a conversation with the children about bees and their place in the world.

You can also enjoy:
– Demonstration of real honey
A practical guide on how to identify fake honey, traditional methods of understanding the quality of bee products and dispelling the myths of certain misconceptions.

– Drawing class for children
Free drawing lessons and classes with educational elements and conversations related to bees.

– Campaign for collecting empty jars of “Real Honey”

The event aims to acquaint people with the importance of bees in nature and the difficulties of beekeeping, and at least for a day, to immerse them in their world.

The main sponsors of the event are BNP Pariba Personal Finance, Kaufland Bulgaria and HiPPo. Companies that are strongly committed to the cause of bees and are part of the Aspen Hive family.

Visit the website of True Honey and learn more about the program “Осинови Кошер” .
Learn more about the “Да спасим пчелите” Foundation initiatives and how you can support them.