Drop Down Community took part in the afforestation of a new forest in the village of Brakyovtsi

The initiative has been planting a better future for 8 years now, but this year is different. We are extremely happy that we managed to get involved in this cause.The forest of the village of Brakyovtsi is also the place where we shooted one of our “elements”, whose premiere is forthcoming this fall. You can see some footage here

The organization sent a letter offering all 268 municipalities in Bulgaria to receive free of charge trees of over 12 tree species – lindens, maples, oaks, chestnuts, cedars, spruce and others. To the delight of the organizers, more than 80 municipalities are joining, with most planting thousands of trees now, this spring, while others choose to receive them in the fall, in anticipation of a calmer atmosphere.

“This is the third edition of our campaign, with which we support municipalities and thousands of settlements in them, we have already donated nearly 300,000 trees to be planted where there is the strongest need in and near the settlements. It is wonderful that together we can make the world we live in better, greener, cleaner and more beautiful “, shared Gorata.bg. More municipalities have been included in previous editions, but the organizers are happy that in context of the complex situation this spring, the people share their dreams for a better world. They thank those who took part, as well as the MAFW and many forestries for their support.

Gorata.bg also donates trees to schools, kindergartens, churches, hospitals, homes and more. In their emblematic campaigns in support of bees and beekeepers, in which they donated more than 250,000 honey trees, this fall they include 60,000 fruit trees – apples, cherries, quinces, junks and others. One of their best initiatives is growing right now – most of the tree growing kits donated to 94,200 Bulgarian children last fall are now beautiful young trees full of dreams, just like the Gorata.bg initiative.

In a few days, Gorata.bg launches a large-scale campaign “Health is in our hands”, which aims to prevent Covid-19 by donating tens of thousands of liters of liquid soap, disinfectants and hundreds of thousands of gloves to needy institutions and individuals, as well as through an informational campaign with many celebrities involved. More information about this campaign can be found here

Source: www.bnr.bg, gorata.bg