Petya Tsvetanova

-Hello, Petya! What is your personal motive for standing behind this cause?

-Hello! I enter this project all in! There is more than one motive. First, as a musician who has studied the language of music all his life, this is my way of talking about my ideas, because I often don’t have enough words. Secondly, the musicians in this ensemble are one of the best active classical instrumentalists in Bulgaria at the moment. They have the rare combination of the charge of youth, the stability of experience, the inspiration of talent and the desire for dedicated work. The third reason, which is especially personal, is my personal intolerance of what is happening to the world around us. I can’t stand how humanity is destroying the world without realizing it, without bearing responsibility, blinded by greed and money. That “plastic culture” has become a major diagnosis of society. We want everything quickly, we don’t recycle, we use disposable stuff and then we throw it away without caring where it goes. Plastic will outlive us, plastic does not disappear. It accumulates away from our eyes, but will soon bury us. Because, if we look away, we will see everywhere that garbage that is a product of the plastic age: in the rivers, in the oceans, in the forests … Everywhere where it is supposed to be hidden, but sooner or later it reaches us. And my “favorite” thing is when someone decides to just burn them so that these piles disappear …. Well, well, they don’t disappear, we breathe them! The “Five Elements” and the “Five Elements and Man” are my personal cause for a better world, for a better tomorrow, for a cleaner future for my children!