Milen Maximov

-Hello, Milen! What inspired you to take part in our mission “Five Elements”?

-Hi! I lived outside my hometown for a while, which gave me the opportunity to rethink the things that make me happy. I dreamed all the time.
I dreamed of the green meadows where my brother and I kicked a ball.
I dreamed of the hazelnut in my grandparents’ yard, which I climbed every day.
I dreamed of mint, lettuce, and watercress growing in the garden, of Mom and Dad’s dishes.
I dreamed of the cherry, which I was looking forward to bearing cherries to eat them all.
I dreamed of the wild strawberries I picked while lying on the grass.
I dreamed of the fields, the streams, the groves, which we bravely got to know.
I dreamed of the old fountains, from which I drank ice-cold mountain water thirsty.
I dreamed of the dazzling white carpet of snow, and of the baira where we skated until dark.
I also dreamed of the hellish heat, the hot sand and the obligatory cooling in the sea.
I dreamed of the raging storms and thunderstorms that have always inspired me.
I only never dreamed of music, because it has always been with me.
Music will always exist, but we have to take care of our planet!
I dream of my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren to have as many magical experiences as mine, so I keep my home.
This supreme world is for everyone.
That inspires me.