Ilina Ilieva

We asked Ilina what was her personal motiveĀ  for standing behind this cause. Here is what she answered us:

– My personal motives to stand behind this project are more than one. It is no coincidence that there are five “elements” in this project. Each of them represents a big problem in ourcurrent world. Bulgaria is a rich country in absolutely every aspect – sea, lakes, rivers, mountains, beautiful forests. Unfortunately, we destroy it every day. We burn waste, we don’t recycle, almost every family has two cars, in which they most often drive alone, which leads to air pollution. We cut down our trees to build another hotel, complex, etc.
There are almost no more wild beaches left on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, precisely for this reason. I hope that the “Five Elements” and the “Five Elements and the Human” projects will reach more people and make them think and contribute as much as they can to preserve as much of the beauties of Bulgaria as possible. Here are some ideas that are easy to implement and will help preserve your nature:

-Going to the store, bring your own shopping bag from home. Almost everyone has, and if not, they are affordable. Let’s stop with the plastic bags.

-Let’s choose the public transport or the bicycle for transportation around the city. And if we have to be by car, get together with friends. It’s more fun and it is good for the air we breathe.

-Recycle your garbage, it’s pretty easy now. You can buy a rubbish bin for separate dumping for your household. Those bins are available everywhere or at most a five-minute walk away.

-If you see someone that’s cutting down a favorite tree from childhood, go and ask him for a reason, fight to save it. No one has the right to cut down trees because they are our oxygen.

-If you see garbage in the sea / river / lake- collect it. Don’t let it sit there just because he’s not yours and someone else threw him there. Everyone can think of many more examples, but we have to start from somewhere.

Together we can save the planet!