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  • The project

    “The Five Elements and the Human” project addresses global environmental issues. Recognized as the five elements are: air, fire, water, earth and plastic, which are in an inseparable cycle, to whose destructive direction humanity leads. The daily struggles of the young musicians from the Drop Down Community to reduce the use of plastic and their intolerance of killing nature have inspired this project.

    Through the power of their art, the talented artists are working on creating a society that values ​​ the vital resources. Within the project, the successful film composer Ivo Paunov created the music for the cycle The Five Elements . Five music videos are in production for the music cycle right now, presenting real environmental problems, through which to alert the society. The visual design of the project is in the hands of the established director Vasil Karkelanov.

    The project “The Five Elements” is implemented with the support of the program “Music” at the Ministry of Culture!
    The project “The Five Elements and the Human” is implemented with the support of the program “Socially Engaged Arts” at the National Fund “Culture”!

  • The Composer

    Ivo Paunov creates award-winning works of music Twilight Express (2009), Three Sisters and Andrew (2009), Three Mothers (2010) and The Boy Who Was King (2011). In 2012, Ivo Paunov received a prestigious award for music to The Pin (2012). He also wrote the music for the highly acclaimed film Touch Me Not (Golden Bear, Berlinale 2018).

    Ivo is also writing music for small ensembles and electro-acoustic works, including Extinction Story and Epilogue . In the last year he recorded for the Bulgarian National Radio two plays with the Big Band of the Bulgarian National Radio and two a cappella works with the folk choir The Great Bulgarian Voices.

  • The Director

    Vassil Karkelanov is known as a producer, director, photographer and cameraman of documentary and art productions: Fires of Devotion , Lily – Lily Ivanova in Olympia , The Seventh Day , as well as on TV shows such as Nebivalitsi on bTV, Naked Angels on Nova TV, Seventh Heaven on TV 7, On the edge on bTV, Skillfully on bTV, Confidential on Nova TV.

    His realizations are the concert of Lili Ivanova in the National Palace of Culture, Lili Ivanova in Arena Armeec Hall , the opera performance Raina Kabaivanska presents the stars of the opera , as well as a number of advertising and music videos. He shooted for editions such as EVA, ELLE, GLAMOR, MAXIM. He has over 130 sessions for PLAYBOY, he made the visions for some of the brightest advertising campaigns in Bulgaria.

    Vasil Karkelanov is the founder and producer of ArtLife – an online media for culture and art, which supports some of the most valuable cultural projects in Bulgaria.
    Some of his latest projects (2019 – 2020) are: Let’s listen to cinema – a concert by Hilda Kazasyan, a concert by Lili Ivanova in Sofia, where he is the director of the show and the documentary film material.

  • The Project Director

    Over the last 10 years, Petya Tsvetanova has been at the heart of a number of projects in the field of classical music in Bulgaria. In the period 2011 – 2017 she is part of the team of “Music House BNR” and is responsible for the realization of the concert seasons of the six ensembles of the BNR, as well as for the joint concerts between the institution and the Sofia Philharmonic, BNT and National Palace of Culture.

    Petya’s activities are multifaceted and also include the creation and implementation of music education projects, teaching and research. During the period 2014 – 2015 she specialized at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, and in 2018 she defended her PhD in the history of music at the National Music Academy “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov”, Sofia. Since 2017 she has been an assistant teacher of music history at the same institution, and since 2019 – a chief assistant. In the period 2017 – until 2020 he is a music consultant for the show “Music, Music” on BNT, and in 2020 he is part of the team of MOTIF Concerts by Modo. For the last 5 years Petya has been working together with the association for art and culture Music Play.

    Petya Tsvetanova is the PR of the Drop Down Community and the project director of their last two projects: “The Five Elements” and “The Five Elements and the Human”.

  • The Producer

    Alex Atanassov is the core of Drop Down Community. He is a young and creative musician with dozens of awards from national and international competitions behind him. He graduated from the National Academy of Music with a master’s degree in “Classical Double Bass”. Only 25 years old, part of his biography are the orchestras of the New Symphony Orchestra, Classic FM, Academic Symphony Orchestra, Pioneer Youth Philharmonic, Balkan Youth Symphony Orchestra, Genesis Orchestra, the National Music Theatre, Sofia Philharmonic and many others.

    Alex’s interest goes beyond classical music and he is part of the bands of Milenita, Lily Geleva and Martin Kostadinov, Acoustic Soul, Latida (ex. Funky Miracle). He also composes contemporary and popular music and is part of the beatmaking collective INVOLVED.

    Alex Atanassov is the manager of Drop Down Community orchestra and is the initiator and producer of the projects: “Five Elements” and “Five Elements and the Human”.

  • Drop Down Community

    Drop Down Community (DDC) is a new independent string orchestra made up of young and talented people led by the love for music. The new formation, which aims to bring the classical orchestra to the rhythm of the XXI century and to strengthen the bridge between the young audience and the classical stage, debuted in early autumn 2019 with a concert in the cave Ledenika, part of the festival Music in the cave .

    In the beginning of 2020 DDC in collaboration with SAVA and Xonic (Lilo Petrov) filled one of the biggest clubs in Sofia EXE Club , presenting entirely original music in the concert Prism: Strings of the New 20’s . In the summer of 2020, they were invited to be part of the Mozart Festival – Pravets festival, where they performed the world premiere of the Chamber Symphony for String Orchestra, written especially for them by Rumen Boyadzhiev-son. In November 2020 they managed to give a concert in the hall Bulgaria as part of the project “Hope through music”, produced by the Sofia Philharmonic and carried out with the kind assistance of the Ministry of Culture.

5 Elements Final Trailer

Five Elements - Official Teaser 2021